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Moorish Castle
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Regaleira Palace and Gardens
Cape of  Roca
Cascais – Walking Tour 

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portugalcitytours stop 40 and Visit            Moorish Castle castelo mouros 3 330 castelo mouros 1 330

      This Enormous Moorish Castle With Its Walls Running From Hilltop To Hilltop, Sitting On The Huge Apocalyptic Ranges, Inspiring, One Due To Their Greatness.
The mist of the time hides the age of this primeval castle dating from at least of the middle of the 8th century. The Castle known by Castle of the Mouros, justified denomination, since its foundation or reconstruction was, without a doubt, due to the invading Muslims of Hispanic in the 13th century
After centuries of Muslim Ownership, the Castle of Sintra was returned in 1093, together with the ones of Lisbon and Santarém, to the monarch Alfonso VI, and from there onwards, and following always the luck of those, alternated under the Christian and Muslim domain, until its definitive conquest by the 1st King of Portugal D. Alfonso Henriques in 1143.

portugalcitytours stop 40 and Visit            Pena Palace palacio pena 1 330 palacio pena 4 330

      Ordered to be reconstructed by King D. Fernando II, in 1840, on the old Monastery of Our Lady of Pena, dated of 1503.
When he ordered to construct the Pena Palace, he took care in conserving the main part of the Small Geronimo Monk’s Convent, Mainly the Church and Cluster. This Palace is our better example of Romantic Architecture, projected by the Baron of Eschwege, and whose maximum exponent is the Castle of Neuschwanstein, in Baviera, in fact, D. Fernando, Born in Germany, enjoyed this type of romanticism, to did the intellectuals of the 19th century.
From Its Terraces And Windows One Can Appreciate The Astonishing Sights  Of The Surroundings.

portugalcitytours stop 40 and Visit            Sintra -  Free Time to Lunch  -  Visit  Sintra Village sintra vila 2 330 sintra vila 330 

      UNESCO approved the classification of Sintra as World-Heritage, under the category " Cultural Landscape " in December 6th  of 1995.
Because of the value  of the vast area that starts in the historical heart of Sintra Village, going up to the Pena Park, passing through Moorish Castle, Capuchos Convent, and then  downwards  until the Colares Village, was attributed this international distinction. Special Reference Must Be Made to, Village National Palace  and Pena PalaceRegaleira Palace .
Sintra, in 19th century had a considerable influence in the development of the Romantic Architecture through Europe. 
It deserves to be appreciated, the Palaces, Everything, the Artistic and Cultural Interest that it entails.

portugalcitytours stop 40 and Visit            Regaleira Palace and Gardens   ( or )   Cape of  Roca regaleira 1 330 regaleira 330 

      Located in the Old Quarter of Sintra and Classified as World Heritage by UNESCO, the Quinta da Regaleira Is One Of These Special Places.
Built at the turn of the 20th century in the romantic ideal, this fascinating ensemble of constructions which have been built in the middle of the dense forest is the result of the achieving of the mythical magical dreams of its owner, Antonio Augusto Carvalho Monteiro (1848-1920) in conjunction with the talent of the selenographer-architect Luigi Manini (1848-1936).Visitors should stroll through the exotic, fabulous park, feel the spirituality of the first Christians in the Chapel of the Most Holy Trinity, which allows us to descend into the crypt which reminds us of the symbolism of the sacred place and the world beyond. 
Reference must be made to the adventures of the Knights of the Temple or the ideals of the Master Masons, to descend into the Initiation Well via an immense spiral shaped staircase. And down below, standing on a light pointed star it is as if we were immersed in the womb of Mother Earth. All we must do is traverse the darkness of the labyrinth grotto’s until we reach the light, reflected in the water of Lakes of Surprising Beauty.

portugalcitytours stop 40 and Visit            Cape of  Roca  ( orRegaleira Palace and Gardens cabo roca 1 330 cabo roca 330

   Latitude - 38"47  North
   Longitude - 99º 30  West
   Altitude - 150 m From the Sea

      One the way to the coast, one must appreciate the fertile Colares Valley, between leafy trees, and vineyards planted on the hillsides, and, nest to the Ocean, the Cape of Roca. 
The Fort West Western Point Oft Europe,
" Where The Land Ends And The Sea Starts "
According to the Legendary Portuguese Poet Luis de Camões

portugalcitytours stop 40 and Visit            Guincho praia guincho 1 330 praia guincho 330 

      The Gincho Beach is situated geographically to the South of the Sintra Mountain    and it is sought for   the practice of Wind-Surf, due to the constant north wind to be found there, it provides excellent conditions for surfing all year round, except for when the wind blows from the Northwest and West. 

portugalcitytours stop 40 and Visit            Cascais  - Fisherman’s Village  - Coffee Break cascais 6 330 cascais 3 330

      The Colorful Village of Cascais, with their small and pretty palaces overlooking the sea, have been inhabited since the most remote times.
It is thought that the Cascais name come of the word " Rinds ", meaning shells, referring, probably, an amount of empty sea shells found there.
It was in Cascais  in 1560, the Duke of Alba, under orders of King Filipe II of Spain, Disembarked to Conquer Portugal.

portugalcitytours stop 40 and Visit            Estoril casino estoril 1 330 casino estoril 330

      known by the Casino do Estoril, one of the Oldest in Europe, built in 1916 by Fausto Figueiredo, in our days, Estoril is know by the Beach and Casino, among is park-garden and a youth live. 

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