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            Tagus Estuary Tours

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Lisbon is the only European capital located near such a rich Bird & Nature hotspot – the Tagus estuary.
This estuary is the most important Portuguese wetland area and one of the most important ones in Europe.
The Tagus estuary, a Ramsar wetland site of international importance, includes a wide Special Protection Zone (ZPE) and a Nature Reserve (RNET), of over 14.000 hectares, specifically created to protect wintering, passage and breeding populations of aquatic birds.
However, because of the specific geography of the area, it abounds in a remarkable variety of non-wetland biotopes as well, including wooded slopes and extensive pastures. Put together, the greater Tagus estuary contains a quite extraordinary range of birds, from Flamingo to Black-shouldered Kite and Squacco Heron to Little Bustard.
The area bird list includes more than 250 species.
Visiting the Tagus estuary is a fantastic experience at all times of the year.
In winter, it holds over 120.000 waders, waterfowl and other aquatic birds; during migratory periods, the bird diversity is at its maximum, and it is not unusual to observe more than 100 species in a single day; during the summer, the estuary is alive with breeding species more usually associated with the Mediterranean.
Nature seems especially close here, because of the unique age-old relationship between agriculture and the land. Enormous, powerful black bulls abound, lazing under cork oaks, while the ecological balance created over the centuries has ensured a wide biodiversity.
The range of lichens on cork is both unique and remarkable. Many wild mammals are common, especially the Egyptian Mangoose, which is regularly seen, moving in family groups.

            Birdwatching in Portugal

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Portugal is a country with enormous potential for birding.
The Mainland Portugal bird list includes more than 400 species. This rich biodiversity is reflective of Portugal’s geographical position and means that there is an abundance of species always present in each season; wintering species from the north, fascinating Mediterranean resident species and a range of passage migrants and breeding birds from sub-Saharan Africa.
Continental Portugal has a long coastline and an enormous Zone of Economic Exclusivity; access to these brings a feast of seabirds and passage migrants.
Despite being a relative small country, Portugal boosts an excellent range of habitats from wetlands, estuaries and saline flats, to wooded hills, steppe-like plains and rocky outcrops. With its agreeable climate (warm summers and mild winters), a remarkable range of habitats and abundant natural space, Portugal provides an exciting and enriching birding experience at any time.

Birdwatching Tours

The bird watching guided field tours organized by our specialized partner company - Birds & Nature Tours - are designed to offer you the best of Portuguese birding, with a specific emphasis on what you want to see.
The tours are adapted to cover a wide range of ability, from novice to expert and although focused on birding, cater for the general naturalist and the visitor who wants to see something of the Portuguese countryside as well.
The guides are ornithologists and birders with a deep knowledge of the birdlife of Iberia and the kind of local knowledge necessary to find those tricky or difficult species.
For those without optics, quality binoculars and telescopes, as well as field guides, are available.
Each guided tour has an itinerary that is tailor-made to optimize tides, weather light, viewing sites and participants special requirements. Recent reports of interesting species are available to optimize each trip.

For booking a tour or for additional information, please contact Birds & Nature:
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Phone: (00351) 913 299 990

Birds Photos By:  Faìsca