Fatima and Coimbra – Full Day 14 Hours Tour

Fatima and Coimbra – Full Day 14 Hours Tour

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Fátima and Coimbra – Full Day 14 Hours Tour

Visit  All  the  Places  Above  Mentioned  At  Your  Own  Pace 

Fátima and Coimbra, the City of Students
1 Day  ( +- 420 Km – 270 Miles )

Visit :   Fátima Basilica
Visit :   Coimbra the City of Students

      Leaving Lisbon earlier, we take the highway towards ( North )  to Fátima ( STOP ) and Visit Fàtima the

      After that we take the highway to Coimbra the City of Students

      Arriving to Coimbra, Visit the City and its Historical Monuments including the Legendary University the Old Town and the Old and the New Cathedral.

portugalcitytours stop 40 and Visit : Fátima Basilica

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      Fátima Basilica, May 13th 1917, three children grazed a small flock in the valley of Iria, close to Fátima, called Lúcia de Jesus, 10 Years old, and Francisco and Jacinta Marto, Cousins, 9 and 7 Years Old.  
      The Basilica was Initiated in 1928 and Sacred in October 7th of 1953.  
Its 15 Altars are dedicated to the 15 Mysteries of the Rosary; the stained glass window represents scenes of the appearances and invocations of the Litany of Our Lady.  
      Inside the Minster are the Tombs of Francisco, Jacinta and Lucia, Beatified when the Holiness the Pope,   João Pablo II, came to Portugal

portugalcitytours stop 40 and Visit : Visit Coimbra the City

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      History was written with the Sounds of the Celts until the 2nd Century BC, It was marked by the arrival of the Romans. It reached our days the signs of a magnificent culture, which we can admire.  
      The cities were placed in circle around the temples, for its own protection, and Coimbra, by the will of D. Afonso Henriques, first King of Portugal, Became the City - Cradle of Kings.
      But it is the Renaissance and the University that distinguish Coimbra, secularly.  

portugalcitytours stop 40 and Visit : Sé Velha – ( Old Cathedral ) and Sé Nova - New Cathedral

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      New Cathedral of Coimbra, originally, the New Cathedral was the church of the Jesuit College ( College of the Eleven Thousand Virgins ), which had been installed in Coimbra in 1541.

portugalcitytours stop 40 and Visit : Coimbra University

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      Dates from March 10th   1290 the certificate of the king D. Dinis who thus announce the constitution of the " General Study " thus was established the University that the Pope Nicholas IV confirmed in August 9th of that year.
      Today Coimbra University holds seven faculties, Arts, Law, Medicine, Sciences and Technology, Pharmacy, Economy and Psychology and of Sciences of the Education.  
      The Welcoming Ritual to Students, adapted to the conditions of modern life, the student parties, known as the ( Queima das Fitas “ May “ ) ( the burning of the ribbons ) (that  symbolizes the end of the school year, for many, the end of school).

      The Coimbra " Fado ", song that was adapted to the new cultural realities and ever social and political, and, the solemn autocrats with their proper ritualism, Coimbra University is a very peculiar institution and of many incomparable characteristics.  
      It contains some rooms you can visit, through the elegance of the Via Latina.

      Very known the Court-Yard of the University that the Mondego River Seems Prettier also because in Coimbra the Rriver has Always Been Sung.

      Visit the University Rooms:
        The Joanina Library - S. Miguel Chapel - Archeiros Room - Tower "the Goat"

      At the end of this full day we return to Lisbon by the highway.



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